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This is the community maintained repository of links to external web pages that might be useful for players. The tool links use simple mnemonic redirects and should be the links you spread (so that if a tool moves somewhere else we need only to update the redirect here). For transparency the arrow icon is the direct link to a tool's website. If any links here are dead or there are other problems please make an issue on GitHub (CDDA's GitHub), or tell on IRC or forum.

Tool Description
Cartographer (Currently out of service) Transform you world data into a humongous map - just like in the game, but now in your browser! Works with data from recent experimentals.
Code changelog Many people prefer reading it instead of the git logs.
Detailed stat and skills explanation A doxygen write up of every stat and skill and what they effect.
Doxygen For those who want to contribute C++ code to the project, here is the doxygen.
Experimental builds Grab your red-hot builds here!
Forum The repository of everything.
Grab latest stable build For new players and conservatives alike.
How to build from source Build your own.
How to contribute Interested in contributing? Read this first!
How to file an issue Got a bug report? Read this first.
IRC Come chat with other survivors live on IRC!
Issue voter Cast your votes for pending issues and PRs.
Issues on GitHub The place to fill in that bug report or enhancement idea of yours!
Item browser The official item browser. Useful for both new and seasoned players. Remember to select stable or development.
Jenkins buildbot Check latest build statistics.
Little facts database Browse our little facts database. Super-condensed wiki.
Our Discord server. Come say, "Die."
Raw JSON browser Browse latest JSONs with comfort. Item browser for the curious.
Remyroy's Game Updater Updater and launcher in one.
Self-imposed rules Bad day scenario too easy? Browse a list of rules and do a self-imposed challenge!
Subreddit Our subreddit for those inclined.
Wiki Come and see, we need editors!

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